Works Published

With over 30 years experience in researching and teaching political marketing, I’ve published, co-authored, and co-edited quite a few books and scholarly articles on the subject.


  • A Research Agenda for Political Marketing is available for preorder here.
  • Brand (2017) is available for purchase through Amazon.
  • The Marketing Revolution in Politics (2016). Available here.
  • Journal of Political Marketing, Volume 16 (2017). Available here.
  • Political Marketing: Retrospective and Prospective (co-edited in 2013) Available here.
  • Political Marketing: Strategic ‘Campaign Culture’ (co-edited in 2013) Available here.
  • Political Marketing: Theoretical and Strategic Foundations (co-authored in 2011). Available here.
  • A Cross-Cultural Theory of Voter Behavior (co-authored in 2008). Available here.
  • Winning Elections with Political Marketing (co-edited in 2006). Available here.
    • Sigma Press- In Korean, Seoul, South Korea/2007.
  • L’Apparenza E L’Appeartenenza: Teorie Del Marketing Politico (co-edited in Italy in 2004). Available here.
  • Communication of Politics: Cross-Cultural Theory Building in the Practice of Public Relations and Political Marketing (2002). Available here.
  • The Mass Marketing of Politics: Democracy in an Age of Manufactured Images (1999). Available here.
    • Bagolyvar Publishing Co.- In Hungarian, Budapest, Hungary/2000.
  • Handbook of Political Marketing (1999). Available here.
  • Customer Behavior: Consumer Behavior and Beyond (co-authored in 1998). Available here.
  • The Marketing of the President: Political Marketing as Campaign Strategy (1993). Available here.
    • Nanam Publishing House- In Korean, Seoul, South Korea/2000.
    • Bagolyvar Publishing Co- In Hungarian, Budapest, Hungary/2000.
    • Corwin Press (Sage Publishing co.)- In Chinese, Shanghai, China/2008.
  • Consumption Values and Market Choices: Theory and Applications (co-authored in 1991). Available here.
  • A Theory of Political Choice Behavior (co-authored in 1987). Available here.
  • Readings in Political Marketing (co-edited in 1985). Available here.